Our Team

GKIA's leadership consists a group of enthusiastic members who strive to serve God with love and discipline.

Meet our Pastor!

Pendeta Sahat Simanullang

Pdt. Sahat comes from HKBP in Northern Sumatra. He moved to Sydney with his family in the end of January 2008, and began serving our congregation until today.

Church Elders

Chairperson: Pnt. Wahyu Widiono

Vice Chairperson/Sie. Ibadah: Pnt. Julie Rondonuwu

Secretary/Sie Wanita: Pnt. Riris Tobing

Vice Secretary: Pnt. Jules Siregar

Treasurer: Pnt. Rondang Ambarita

Vice Treasurer/ Sie. Diakonia: Pnt. Imeltha Hosana

Sie. Sekolah Minggu: Pnt. Trina Supit

Sie. Pemuda/Sie. Technolgy & Multimedia: Pnt. Christian Nathanael

Sie. Pengajaran/Sie. Perlengkapan: Pnt. Reinto Latief

Sie. Koor: Pnt. Sinta Gultom