About Us

Gereja Kristen Indonesia di Australia (GKIA) is an Indonesian speaking church in Sydney Australia that delivers the good word of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our History

Indonesian Christian Community (ICC) was formed by Dr Gordon Dicker with a few Indonesian students, established on 31 October 1962, exactly on Reformation Day.

On 10 March 1979, a new group of worshipping people was established in Randwick, which was called Kebaktian Berbahasa Indonesia (KBI/Indonesian Speaking Worship) and took place at a Presbyterian church.

In September 1979 both ICC and KBI decided to merge into Persekutuan Masyarakat Kristen Indonesia (PMKI/Indonesian Christian Community Worship) with one purpose: to have only one Indonesian Christian place of Worship in Sydney. But in reality, a few members wanted to keep KBI as part of Randwick Presbyterian Church, which formed into Indonesian Presbyterian Church Randwick until now.

Since April 1988 PMKI received a helping hand from the Lutheran Church via Pastor Rodger Russ which gave us a place of worship in 3 Stanley Street, East Sydney.

After struggling for a few years, PMKI decided to change the status into a church which was established on 23 May 1993 and called Gereja Kristen Indonesia di Australia (GKIA). This was done with the help of three reverends from Gereja Kristen Indonesia (GKI).

On 21 April 2002 GKIA officially became a full member of the Lutheran Church of Australia NSW District.

GKIA officially moved to Concordia Lutheran Church Yagoona on 1 November 2014.